Intellectual outputs

O3.1. Recommendations Guide for companies for hiring the right people with ASD to prevent the abuse.

Recommendations for the correct recruitment of people with ASD will be provided in order to prevent the abuse. The consortium pretends to produce materials for assisting the labour market to facilitate not only the socio-labour inclusion of people with ASD but mainly the sustainability of their jobs.

O3.2. Guide of good practices for companies to create a suitable environment and a good deal for people with ASD at work (includes videos).

Good practices will be collected help companies to create an appropriate environment and good treatment for people with ASD at work. Video materials on the use of the CPT method for the conflict resolution in the educational and labour field with the ASD collective will be also produced.

O3.3 Guide of territorial networks between community organizations as an interactive map.

A map of territorial networks between related community organizations will be carry out to make possible the application of the results and the inclusion of people with ASD in the regular labour market and the sustainability of that work.